Velagapudi Foundation believes in establishing a self sustainable model there by creating a credible, potential ‘Human Capital’. The focus areas of work entrepreneurial keep changing, in accordance to the emerging needs of the Society, State, Nation, and Globe.

The list of activities are:

    1. Transforming youth / Human resources into ‘Human Capital’ through sustainable, Suitable Skills Education, Training & Development.
    2. Women Empowerment through SHG / Co-opted activities transforming them as self employable, entrepreneurial, productive bodies for producing eco friendly products and Skill development Training's in the areas of Eco Friendly Jute and Cloth Bags Making , Food , Packing (Jute, Cotton ) Organic Sanitary Napikins, Nutritions Food Products based on nutrition epidiomology, Painting & Embroidery, Tailoring, Beauty & Wellness and Computer Education and Training.
    3. Impartingneed based counseling, health awareness campaigns, education and training in the areas of family counseling, computer education skills, soft skills, life skills and technical skills.
    4. Academic career counseling to the needy youth through an innovative "SWEAR" theorem (in lieu of SWOT) whicch facilitates youth in establishing a sustainable career.
    5. Empowering Differently Abled and Physically Handicapped persons through suitable Special Education, Therapeutic Interventions, Inclusive Education and Skilling modules for the self sustainability.
    6. Creating rural workforce namely village based community awareness programs, health volunteers for addressing CSR based community development scheams.